My family’s history (?)

I have to start this one off by mentioning the insanity of my school’s security and how it treats the safety of its students. Supposedly someone put out a threat against my school last night on Snapchat, so the police had to go door to door looking around for any conclusive information. The search was inconclusive, of course, because the Snapchat actually originated from FLORIDA. There’s a school out there with a similar name to my school, so they thought that the threat was being made against ours. And it wasn’t even a threat! Some kid was mad about a math test, so he just said something bad about the school.

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We had extra school police patrolling around our school because the story was spread around online through Facebook, and somehow made it all the way over here.Then someone started sharing it in Oregon and the police were called. I understand that the police were just doing their job, but couldn’t they find a better way to substantiate the threat outside of social media. Facebook is becoming the new CNN, since it’s all fake news now. My body is comprised of many different ethnicities, to the point where I forget all my backgrounds on occasion. I am German, Irish, Norwegian, Shoshone, English, Portuguese, and probably some other stuff, too. I don’t remember exactly which family members are each one, but I do know that my dad’s mom was Irish, and his dad was German and Norwegian. My mom’s dad is Portuguese and English, and her mom is Shoshone and something else.

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The only person I can remember who knows that they’re Shoshone is my cousin who lives down in Vegas. He’s been pretty busy lately since his employer has been bringing in so many customers. It must be nice to sell Las Vegas Liquor Licenses.┬áBut outside of that, I don’t really know any of them. My real grandma (dad’s mom) typed up this big book with a typewriter that’s supposed to be a big written family tree or something like that, so maybe I’ll have to consult it. It does sound pretty interesting. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll explain my family in a bit more depth. I’m not going to use their names for privacy reasons. My dad was born in 1963, and he has two older sisters just like me. My mom was born in 1972, and she has a younger brother and an older brother. I have a sister who was born in 1990, and one who was born in 1998. That’s why I already have a niece, even though I’m still just a youngin’.